I thought it would be informational to talk about our different does and things we like about each of them. Twilight is one of my favorite goats. She has a motherly personality and is a Mardi Gras daughter (our foundation herd) that represents our herd in every aspect. Twilight has a long topline, good angulation, a very nice udder that is high and tight. She scored with AGS Classification: VG+89.6 2020, has one leg out of three in the show ring and obtained her milk stars 4*M easily. Twilight is a good mom and kidded in April. She has continued to allow her two twin daughters to nurse and its funny to watch them nurse when they are half her size. Typically, a doe will allow her kids to nurse and then one day kick them off. This is normal, but sometimes they chose to allow them to nurse for months after kidding. The sire of her daughters (Hope and Faith) is Particrashah. We are excited to see what they contribute in the show ring and milk production. The three pictures are of Twilight not in milk.



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