Sycamore SS AM Miracle 6*D 3*M
LA: V+EV87 (2016)
           AGS Classification 85.4 (2015)
~2013, 2015 Reserve Grand Champion Doe~
~Blue Eyes~
Sire: Kids Corral Seq Anchor Man (SS: Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B X SD: Kids Corral MCC Buttons)
Dam: CapraKoza AG Confessions 5*D/AR 2*M/AR
AGS Classification 88.3
(DS: Olson Acres RC Augustine *+B X DD: Lost Valley Mr Piccolo 1*M)
Sire: Kids Corral Seq Anchor Man
Sire's Dam: Kids Corral MCC Buttons 
*Picture Courtesy of Kids Corral*
Dam: CapraKoza Confessions
5*D/AR 2*M/AR
Dam's Dam: Lost Valley Piccolo 
1*M 4*D

*Picture Courtesy of Sinai Thunder*
Sycamore SS LVN Summer
(2017 Doe)
Sycamore SS T Bonny
(2019 Doe)
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