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                   In 2009, our family started raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats with our two young children.  We started

                  out with one registered pregnant doe and one unregistered doe.  Our herd quickly grew as we learned

                  how to take care of them. 


                   In 2012, our son Joseph had a desire to be in 4H and wanted to show a goat.  It wasn't long before    

                  we sold our basic herd except three and started buying more quality stock to raise and show.  Of course,

                  we had no experience.  However, on our second show Joseph won with our first quality herd sire: Lost

                  Valley Z Mardi Gras *S.  We were so proud of Joseph and Mardi and needless to say we were hooked!

                  The same year Mardi finished and became full champion in ADGA and AGS. 

                   In 2014, we started on DHIR 305 milk test to see how our herd was producing in the milk bucket.  We

                  were not disappointed and very happy with the milk stars that Mardi's daughters were producing. 

                  It wasn't long before Mardi received his +B +S for having so many daughters obtain their milk stars in  

                  ADGA and AGS. 


                   In 2015, we attended our first big show at the KY State Fair Ground, where we walked away with many

                  Grand Champion and Reserve ribbons, including the Premier exhibitor banner award.  Joseph and I

                  showed all the goats with my husband and daughter in the background helping with the goats that

                  weren't taken and on the sideline as needed at the fair.   

                   In 2017, our families lifestyle changed.  Our son Joseph graduated high-school and our daughter Megan

                  started college.  In addition, we were suddenly faced with temporary custody of our grandson by our

                  oldest son.  Life as we knew had changed, but what didn't change was that Carl and I wanted to continue having

                  goats.  By the end of the year, our grandson went back to his home and life went back to normal. 


                   In 2018, we decided to attend our first national ADGA show.  Although, some of our best does didn't kid

                  when they were suppose to we respectfully took four goats.  We were thrilled to have a senior milker place

                  20th out of 51 goats in the 5 to 7 year old class and in the junior class we had one place 14th out of 39. 

                  We were elated because this was a mother daughter goat team.  The daughter was bred by our farm

                  Sycamore SS Princess Leia with Dam: SG Double Durango Princess Sky *D *M AR LA: EEEE 91 (2016)

                  ~2016 Grand Champion Doe and 2018 Reserve Champion Doe~ and Sire: CH/PGCH Lost Valley JL

                  Nairobi *S *B LA 90EEE.  This year, we have attended more shows than any other year.  Carl and I have

                  a passion for our goats and for the Nigerian Dwarf breed.  Behind the scenes we have taught and advised

                  many people getting started.  I can say that there will definitely be another ADGA National show in our 



                  Our herd is tested every year for diseases and we are proud to report that we are CAE negative. 

                  Because testing is expensive and due to the safety of our herd, it is necessary to not offer any stud service,

                  unless a customer is purchasing a goat from us and wants the goat pregnant before it leaves our herd.


                  Our prices are based on milk production, show potential and pet quality. *We do not in any way

                  guarantee that an animal is show quality*  Some pedigrees may go awesome with each other and some

                  may not.  Our base price for a doeling and buckling starts at $450.00. 

                  Please understand that we will only sell a buckling that is deemed worthy of being a herd sire based on

                  their Dam's performance in milk production, LA Appraisal, AGS Classification and/or in the show ring 


                  Included: All goats are disbudded, tattooed, wethered (if applicable), given CDT, hooves trimmed,

                  dewormed and given registration applications to turn in for their final registration certificate.  In addition,

                  we continue to offer advice and assistance even after the goat has been purchased and each customer is

                  given a goat booklet that my husband Carl wrote to assist with the care of your new animal.  It is our desire

                  to place each animal with the right family or farm to help our animals reach their full potential.  If our

                  animals are sold to the customer and at a later time the animal is going to be sold again, we would

                  appreciate the first option to purchase them back.  


                  Goat Care: All of our goats are fed Purina Goat Chow (does in milk), Purina Noble Goat or ADM

                  Nutrition (kids and bucks), Chaffhaye (no bucks), Alfalfa Mix Hay (all goats), and Organic Thorvin Kelp

                  (all goats) that is available at all times.


    In addition, our farm is known as: 

Sycamore Springs Farm through AGS and

Sycamore SS Farm through ADGA.

~We are one in the same and proud to have our animals in other herds~


Tammy and Carl Redmond

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